TV/Movie Review – Venom – by PSY23

Weed World Magazine

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I do love a good baddie. There’s something about an antihero which has always appealed to me, so I was understandably excited to see the character of Venom getting the chance to cause chaos in his own film (even more so when I heard that Tom Hardy was going to play the host of the symbiote).

By taking the idea of the character and reworking it into a solid origins-style story, there is plenty of scope here to bring new audiences to the character whilst keeping the die-hard fans happy. What makes this film work so well is Hardy’s semi-deadpan approach and completely believable representation of an ordinary guy caught up in a deadly conspiracy and his arguments with the antagonistic alien being give plenty of scope for both characters to develop.

Large scale action, adrenaline-filled fight scenes and epic effects combine to great effect here and deliver another brilliant movie to the Marvel universe which is well worth a watch. (4.5)

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 138