TV/Movie Review – Halloween – by PSY23

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Horror remakes had something of a renaissance a few years ago, but no amount of sequels seems enough these days and Hollywood is always happy to kick out a revised version of a classic in the hope of squeezing a few more dollars out of the tried-and-tested psycho killers.

Michael Myers is one of the most recognizable icons of the genre and this latest outing brings him face-to-face with his first opponent in the form of Jamie Lee Curtis. While this is a relatively by-the-numbers slasher movie, it holds together pretty well thanks to Curtis’ solid performance as the understandably aggravated Laurie Strode. Picking up the story of the original film and bringing it to the modern age by giving the seemingly unstoppable Myers the opportunity to escape from prison after four decades of incarceration, Halloween is a story of revenge with a difference as Laurie has spent her existence preparing for just such an eventuality.

Smarter and gorier than you would expect, this is a surprisingly good update. (4)

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 138

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