Music Review Freez – Flamin’ Goes featuring Mike Ladd- by PSY23

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Quite how Freez haven’t gained global recognition yet is beyond me, but it probably has something to do with the fact that they are way beyond what you might define as a ‘traditional’ outfit.

Mixing together elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock and electronic music through an extensive live band, beat boxing and a DJ and MC, Freez have been making a name for themselves in and around Europe for the last few years and have gained recognition through a number of awards. Their latest release, the first big song of their new EP Frame, lays the phenomenal vocal stylings of Eli Finberg (Mr. E) over a deep, grinding, bass-driven loop and brings an excellent collaboration in the form of Mike Ladd.

This is pure, grassroots hip-hop with a difference and the track is paired with a brilliantly-realized music video from Temple Cache. This paves the way for a stunning new EP and should hopefully elevate Freez to the level of recognition they deserve. (4.5)

Originally published in Weed World Magazine issue 138

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