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by LeafAlert - 4 days ago

How to Make a DIY Spa Day No Stoner Could Forget

Nothing says “I love you,” or “I'm sorry,” like a romantic, weed-filled spa day for two. When it comes to an affordable but memorable DIY at home spa — a cannabis flower rose bouquet, luscious infused bath bomb, and infused strawberry sparkling wine...

by LeafAlert - 4 days ago

How to Date in the Modern Age of Weed

When Dave* stopped returning Ashley's* calls and texts, she had a feeling the fact that she smoked weed would be one of the reasons why. She was right. Dave, finally, explained that when he thought about the long term, Ashley's weed smoking wasn't g...

by LeafAlert - 5 days ago

The Weed-Trimming Robots Are Here

Imagine making $200 an hour trimming weed. Imagine working only a few months a year and then you were free to travel the world. This is the life of a “trimmigrant” — seasonal workers who descend on Northern California's Emerald Triangle to spend a s...