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by LeafAlert - 2 weeks ago

Hawaii is cracking down on homemade edibles

The Hawai‘i Department of Health says CBD products sold without a prescription and outside of licensed medical cannabis dispensaries may be pulled from sale by health inspectors at any time. It’s sold in a wide range of products that claim an abunda...

by LeafAlert - 2 weeks ago

Illinois Senate approves adult-use cannabis industry

The Illinois Senate passed a recreational marijuana sales and taxation measure by a vote of 38-17 on Wednesday night. The amended measure now goes to the state House for consideration. Lawmakers must act before the legislative session ends Friday. G...

by LeafAlert - 2 weeks ago

OG Tasty Buds – Expert Joints LIVE on CLN

Join Craig Ex Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio710, for another episode of “Expert Joints LIVE!” This week Craig welcomes Scott from OG Tasty Buds, and Brandon for How I Roll. Tha Big Puffa brings music from the Hazmat Crew for Dab Time, and a n...