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by LeafAlert - 4 days ago

9 Cannabis Couples Who Changed the Game

I should start by noting that I’ve been part of a cannabis couple for more than ten years. I met my wife Elise McDonough while we were both working at High Times magazine. She’s now Leafly’s NorCal Product Specialist, author of the recently publis...

by LeafAlert - 4 days ago

Cannabis & Compatibility: Is Weed A Dating Deal Breaker?

The recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada hasn’t just opened up a new industry, it has changed almost every aspect of our society, from law enforcement to employment. When recreational cannabis became legal in October, the stigmas...

by LeafAlert - 4 days ago

The Weed-Trimming Robots Are Here

Imagine making $200 an hour trimming weed. Imagine working only a few months a year and then you were free to travel the world. This is the life of a “trimmigrant” — seasonal workers who descend on Northern California's Emerald Triangle to spend a s...