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by LeafAlert - 2 months ago

Farm Bill Officially Contains Provisions to Legalize Hemp

The hemp provisions will reclassify the plant as an agricultural commodity, removing it from the list of federally controlled substances. It has now been confirmed that the 2018 Farm Bill will include provisions to legalize hemp under federal law. T...

by LeafAlert - 2 months ago

New Jersey Legalizes Hemp Cultivation for Research

Governor Phil Murphy signed a new bill that received nearly unanimous support in the New Jersey Legislature. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy last week signed into law a bill that allows the research and cultivation of hemp as part of a pilot program. “I...

by LeafAlert - 2 months ago

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Embraces Marijuana Legalization

Kennedy had been among the last young Democrats in Congress to vocally oppose federal marijuana legalization. A young Democratic lawmaker has reconsidered his opposition to cannabis and now supports federal legalization. In an op-ed for The Boston G...