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by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

United Nations Postpones Vote on Cannabis Rescheduling

In a unanimous decision, the U.N.’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs postponed a vote on whether to adopt the World Health Organization’s recommended changes to the scheduling of cannabis. United Nations Member States need “more time to consider the rec...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Women are Increasingly Embracing Cannabis for Health

The number of female cannabis consumers is on the rise, with most using the plant to address stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and pain. Women are embracing marijuana more than ever before. While a stigma around cannabis consumption still exists, esp...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Florida is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana Smoking

A bill to repeal the state’s ban on smokable medical marijuana has arrived to Gov. Don DeSantis, who supports the bill and is expected to sign it. A bill that will repeal Florida’s ban on smokable medical marijuana has passed the Florida Legislature...