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by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Police ‘Arrest’ Drug Dealers’ Lookout Parrot

Police in Brazil have taken a parrot into custody following a raid to arrest crack dealers, according to media reports. Police in the village ofVila Irmã Dulcein the northern part of the country reported that the parrot tipped off dealers by shoutin...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

How to Roll a Cone: Our Video of the Week

Title: HIGH TIMES How To: Roll a Cone Creator: HIGH TIMES Description: To get a bunch of people high, you’re going to need more than the average joint. HIGH TIMES senior cultivation editor Danny Danko demonstrates how to roll a cone. For more videos...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Winners of the 2019 Central Valley Cannabis Cup

This past 420 weekend was filled with fun, friends, laughter, and an abundance of our fave plant. It was also the weekend of our Central Valley Cannabis Cup. While all of the competitors performed admirably, there were a few entries that stood out t...