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by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Did Illinois’s Weed Just Kick Cali’s Ash?

Illinois medical marijuana cultivator Green Thumb Industries is reporting that a recent batch of house cannabis strain Brownie Scout has tested at a whopping 37.5 percent total potential THC. All of the THC present was in the form of THCa, with no D...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Puff, Puff, Past: The Oracle of Delphi Inhaled Deeply

Have you ever been so high that time ceased to flow? That both past and future overlapped and the present became magical? Suddenly, you possessed insight into reality, the universe, or parallel dimensions. There may be some historical precedent for...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Top Tips on Organic Grow Mediums (and Additives)

Choosing the right stuff in which to grow your plants determines the quality of the cannabis you’ll harvest. Knowing the differences between different organic mediums and additives can help strengthen your ability to create craft-quality buds.  Stri...