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by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

Gina Brillion Knows How To Make You Listen Through Comedy

Rain pelts my car windshield as I navigate through Friday night traffic in Los Angeles. I call Gina and tell her I’m running 10 minutes late but she’s calm and unfazed. “Take your time bruh, no rush. I’m already massively high.” And for a good reaso...

by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

Six Couples Open Up About Working In Cannabis Together

Going into business with your significant other isn’t for everyone, but for these couples working in the cannabis industry, it’s been a journey they wouldn’t trade for anything else. When Amy Ludlum and Peter Bishop met at the end of 2016, their sha...

by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

Plant Growth Regulator (PGRs): Weed on Steroids?

Why is there such an interest in the PGRs for cannabis? For those of us who have held dense buds of cannabis, many have likely thought that aesthetically: “This is a high-grade flower”. The dense compact appearance is especially apparent when compar...