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by LeafAlert - 2 days ago

Barneys Department Store Introducing Cannabis Section

The new shop will be opening in Beverly Hills. Luxury department store Barneys is adding a cannabis lifestyle and wellness section to its store. Racing to grab a piece of the thriving Cannibidiol (CBD) market, Barneys is to become the first departme...

by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

Gina Brillion Knows How To Make You Listen Through Comedy

Rain pelts my car windshield as I navigate through Friday night traffic in Los Angeles. I call Gina and tell her I’m running 10 minutes late but she’s calm and unfazed. “Take your time bruh, no rush. I’m already massively high.” And for a good reaso...

by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

How to Pitch Investors for your Cannabis Business

The potential of the cannabis industry is drawing the interest of entrepreneurs from every conceivable background. But because of the intricacies of the regulations and restrictions surrounding the industry, including licenses and other fees, the en...