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by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Cannabis Jobs-The New Dream Job

For the everyday cannabis enthusiast, working in a pot shop is the dream job.  Surrounded by the best of green, being able to educate others on your passion.  The dream job. When Canada legalized cannabis back in October. Many  Canadians across t...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

6 Ways To Develop Healthy Marijuana Habits In 2019

If you use cannabis and cannabis products, there’s a good chance that you’re already incorporating the herb to improve on your health. From increasing your appetite to helping you get a good night’s rest, medical marijuana does wonders. What if y...

by LeafAlert - 1 month ago

Homemade Career Kit for the Stoner

Homemade Career Kit for the Stoner Everyone has that friend who is a huge stoner, but also super productive. Those people are rare but awesome. If you have a friend like that, you probably want to get them a really special Christmas present. W...